Environmental Improvements

Environmental Improvements

Helping to improve the environment around you


  • Footway and carriageway surface treatments
  • Blockpaving, flagging and kerbing
  • Street furniture installation
  • Railing and fencing
  • Signs and markings
  • Street lighting and illuminate designs


  • Bridle paths
  • Drystone walling
  • Headwalls
  • Fencing
  • Gateways
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Pondlife
  • Walkways

“With climate change already affecting the lives of millions of people, the fragility of the world we live in has never been so apparent. At J. Hopkins we have always adopted a proactive stance over environmental issues, and so, as well as taking steps to lower our own carbon footprint, we have pledged to help our customers, supply chain and employees do the same.

As part of our continued commitment to responsible production, we also carefully manage local environmental issues such as land use, resource consumption, waste, energy consumption, emissions to air, water, land and noise.”

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