Recycled Sustainable Solutions

Recycled Sustainable Solutions

Making the grades for a recycled environment

100% of highway waste taken off the highway (flags/ concrete/blocks/sub-base/bituminous courses/asphalts etc) is recycled at our depot in TraffordPark. We have invested in a number of crushers, conveyor systems and specialist plant and equipment. Local contractors utilize this free tipping facility, and can be loaded on return with a full range of quality, tested, recycled construction products that comply with British and European standards, fully satisfying Agenda 21 criteria.
We manufacture and produce:

  • Foamed bitumen binder course
  • MOT Type 1 stone
  • 6F1 & 6F2 stone
  • 10mm to 20mm single size pipe bedding stone
  • Quality top soil
  • Acceptable granular fill
  • Hop pathway surfacing (for rural pathway areas/cycle-ways/bridle paths etc)

“We are dedicated to optimising our use of natural resources, reducing waste, reducing water use and actively recycling our waste products. We aim to help our customers develop sustainable opportunities to use recycled materials.”

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