At J. Hopkins we’re committed to ensuring that all materials, goods and services are produced and traded legally, ethically and with due regard to any associated environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing

  • Ensuring that sustainability is entrenched in all of our manufacturing operations and product development processes, including safe and responsible production
  • Providing high-quality sustainable products and services that meet our customers’ needs
  • Providing clear and reliable life cycle information for our customers and other stakeholders to enable them to make the best decision on product choice
  • Providing information, advice and education on the most sustainable way to use our products and on sustainable construction and other legislation
  • Ensuring raw materials and goods we purchase are responsibly sourced
  • Innovating solutions to help customers address their sustainability challenges
  • Promoting responsible practices throughout our supply chain and operations by working with our suppliers
  • Helping our customers to fulfil their own responsible sourcing obligations

Product Quality Management

  • Delivering the best products and services by understanding our customers’ needs and operating best practice quality management systems

Sustainable Product Performance

  • Striving to supply products and services that contribute positively to the whole-life sustainability of buildings, infrastructure and roads that we help to create and maintain, as well as in other end uses
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